Graduate School

Graduate School

Develop wide-ranging expertise and specialized skills

The College's Graduate School focuses on producing individuals with advanced academic research and specialist skills who will become business leaders of the 21st century.

Graduate School is for deepening the learning acquired in the four years of undergraduate study at NUCC, gaining advanced expertise, and pursuing independent research.

The two-year Pre-Doctoral Program offers the three subjects of commerce, management, and accounting for specialization. Those with a minimum of 30 units who pass their final exam and dissertation are awarded a Master of Commerce degree.

The doctoral program offers classes that prepare students to become researchers who can undertake independent research activities.

Recently, demand and expectations for graduates to pursue post-graduate study has increased as demand for people with high-level expertise and qualifications grows within the business community.

Educational Aims

Our mission is to foster researchers capable of carrying out advanced research in commerce, management, and accounting, and to produce professionals with high-level specialist knowledge in these fields. We aim to nurture outstanding researchers who, inheriting the knowledge provided by their predecessors and with a keen awareness of issues, open up new frontiers of knowledge. At the same time, we aim to produce individuals capable of exerting leadership who possess a high-level of specialist knowledge of the real world and truly innovative problem-solving skills.

Commerce Major/Pre-Doctoral Program

Students engage in research on theoretical and practical issues by utilizing theories and methodology in applied economics in a broad range of fields, including marketing, logistics, and finance. While change is rapid in all of these fields, we guide students so that they develop their understanding of their subject through careful and extensive study without becoming preoccupied with keeping track of such changes. This is a quality that is indispensable for researchers and those who play a leading role in society.

Commerce Major/Doctoral Program

Students deepen their specialist knowledge on a topic of their choice and acquire the skills needed for pursuing academic research as an independent researcher. To this end, in addition to developing skills in searching for and understand literature on their topic both from Japan and overseas, it is necessary that they engage in debate and discussion with their supervisor and present research papers at academic conferences. We believe that by making good use of the time available, doctoral candidates are able to produce original research.

Business Administration Major/Pre-Doctoral Program

Students undertake theoretical and practical research on areas of management, such as management strategies, organization and management, financial management, human resource management, sales management, and production management, related to not only profit-oriented businesses, but also non-profit organizations such as hospitals, NPOs and public sector organizations. We foster individuals with specialist management skills who possess a global perspective and can respond swiftly to the changing environment, as well as individuals seeking careers in research.

Business Administration Major/Doctoral Program

Doctoral candidates are taught the skills needed to pursue academic research as an independent researcher while also absorbing the most recent theoretical findings on management. With the guidance of a supervisor and supported by the acquisition of analytical methods that include detailed literature studies and field work, students are encouraged to present their original research findings at academic conferences in Japan and overseas and to publish their research in academic journals.

Accounting Major/Pre-Doctoral Program

Centered on accounting, cost accounting, and auditing, the course explores theories that form the core of each field from a variety of perspectives. It also promotes research that includes solving the most recent accounting problems, which is useful for the practice of accounting. Students acquire the resources and acumen required for pursuing either a career in research or as professional accountants.

Accounting Major/Doctoral Program

Doctoral candidates are supervised in their research as preparation for future careers as independent researchers. To this end, students cover an extensive range of prior research relevant to their chosen topic, and receive guidance so that they are capable of acute analysis from an original perspective and constructing their own theories. As a means of checking research progress and findings, further support is provided by giving students the opportunity to present their research.


The Nihon University Graduate School of Commerce was established in March 1960 when it introduced a Master's course specializing in commerce. The doctoral program was added in March 1963. In March 1967, permission was granted to establish a Master's course and doctoral program in accounting. With the establishment of a Master's program in business administration and a Doctoral program in business administration in March 1971 and March 1973 respectively, our Graduate School had expanded so that it offered Master's and doctoral programs specializing in the three subjects of commerce, management, and accounting.

In April 1976, the names of the courses were changed from "Master's Course" and "Doctoral Course" to "Pre-Doctoral Program" and "Doctoral Program," as they are known today.