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  1. College of Commerce, Nihon University
  2. History of the Nihon University College of Commerce

History of the Nihon University College of Commerce

Founded in 1904, the Nihon University College of Commerce marked its 100th anniversary in 2004.

1889 Nihon Houritsu Gakkou established
1903 Renamed Nihon University
1904 Commerce Course established
1920 Under the University Ordinance of 1920, the department becomes the Commerce Course, College of Commerce
1923 Name changed to Department of Commerce, College of Commerce
1924 College of Commerce establishes Department of Economics
1934 College of Commerce renamed College of Commerce and Economics, and Department of Commerce renamed Department of Business Administration
1944 College of Commerce and Economics renamed College of Economics
1948 Accounting Research Institute established
1949 Nihon University established under Japan's new (post-war) education system
1952 Department of Business Administration in the College of Economics renamed Department of Commerce
1957 Department of Commerce becomes the Department of Commerce in the College of Commerce
1960 Graduate School of Commerce offering a Master's program established
1963 College of Commerce Kinuta building opened. Graduate School of Commerce introduces doctoral program in Commerce
1964 Department of Business Administration and Department of Accounting established
1967 Graduate School of Commerce establishes Master's and Doctoral programs in Accounting
1971 Master's course established in Business Administration
1973 Doctoral program in Business Administration established
1977 Research Institute of Commerce established
1981 Building of Library completed
1982 Institute of Information Science established
1998 Pre-doctoral business courses (similar to Master's courses) established for each major
Completion of Graduate Building to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the College of Commerce
2004 College of Commerce 100th anniversary
2009 Completion of two new buildings (No.1 & No.2)
2011 Completion of two new buildings (No.3 & gymnasium)

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