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College of Commerce, Nihon University Educational Policy

To achieve its educational goals, College of Commerce, Nihon University implements the following educational policies.

(1) Admission Policy
The College seeks highly motivated individuals with a strong interest in business as a practical science and the academic ability to learn business theory, who wish to acquire the applied skills, practical skills and creativity needed to meet the challenges of today's changing social environment and who aspire to become business leaders of international standing.

(2) Curriculum Policy
To ensure an effective and integrated education based on the following diploma policy, the curriculum comprises of a General Education program and a Professional Education program. Students gain a broad education from our General Education program, and study the fundamentals of business in first-year Specialized Program subjects selected from our Professional Education program. From the second year, students study major subjects with the aim of learning theory and acquiring practical skills. Extending their knowledge of the basics through to their application by studying seven organically and systematically linked courses, students develop the skills needed to pursue careers in diverse aspects of the world of business.

(3) Diploma Policy
Students who meet the requirements for graduation developed in line with the College's educational requirements and the educational and research objectives of each department are awarded the degree of Bachelor of Commerce.

  • Department of Commerce
    Having studied the basics of commerce and economics, students then learn both the theory and practice of logistics, service, trade, transportation, finance, insurance and other relevant areas.
  • Department of Business Administration
    With a focus on business administration and economics, students study a broad array of courses in business management, ranging from introductory-level subjects through to practical applied skills.
  • Department of Accounting
    Aimed at students who intend to pursue careers as certified public accountants or tax accountants, the Department equips students with a high level of specialist knowledge in domestic and international accounting.

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